ProtoPixel products are an innovative plug & play LED control technology, that makes expressive lighting control easier than ever. We deliver an ecosystem of software and hardware solutions for creating, controlling and interacting with your own lighting structures..

What makes ProtoPixel a game changer?

Easy to use

It doesn't matter if you are a complete beginner or a veteran lighting designer. ProtoPixel makes lighting control intuitive for a wide range of users, from interfacing LED fixtures to calibration and content mapping.


Design your ideas for free, and pay only when you deploy your masterpieces. As simple as that!


Build lighting of any size, shape and content. You can connect your designs with mobile devices, sensors, data sets... the sky is the limit!


Don't want to change the way you always work? That's ok, we get it. That's why you can use ProtoPixel with a wide range of LED fixtures and third party controllers.