Introducing the ProtoPixel hardware ecosystem

Ecosystem description

ProtoPixel hardware consists on a pair of hardware devices, thus the Controller and the Satelites. Each hardware part has its concrete function on the full core ecosystem. The general ecosystem works as descrived on the picture above:



Notice that despite Protopixel’s Controller pack, all customers must provide the required materials to complete the LED lighting installation. Otherwise they may acquire them at our webshop. For further information, please contact us at

Controller description

Each ProtoPixel Controller can handle up to 4800 LED fixtures and it is always accompanied by two satellites.


Available by now only WS28XX satellites. More accessories and products will be released by the incoming seasons.

The connection from the controller to the satellites is done by ethernet cable up to 3.5 meters length from the satellite port of the controller to the satellite. This controller is provided with an ethernet port and a function button as the other controllers.


Future versions will include an USB port for USB data transmission, as well as a corresponding firmware upgrade.

Controller conections

Controller Front View


Controller Left View


Controller Right View


Controller LED Status

The controller has 3 indication LEDs: S1, S2 and Power.

LED Description
Power If on, the device is powered
S1 If blinking, the device is working
S2 If on, the device is connected to ProtoPixel Create

Satellite description

Each satellite handles 4 data outlets through green 2-port screw terminals to LED fixtures (1-4 for the first satellite, 5-8 for the second one), with data from an ethernet connector, connected to the controller. An additional black 2-port screw terminal connector allows you to externally wire it to negative and ground.

Satellite Front view


Satellite Left view


Satellite Right view


Satellite Rear view