What is ProtoPixel 1 Channel Ethernet Controller

ProtoPixel 1 Channel Ethernet Controller is the first of the new generation LED controllers developed at ProtoPixel, after analyzing the needs of creative folks that use ProtoPixel technologies. At first glance ProtoPixel 1 Channel Ethernet Controller is a smaller version of the ProtoPixel LED Controller, with two main differences:

  • It only has 1 outlet, embedded directly, instead of using satellites
  • It has SD Card record playing capabilities

These two differences make it very convenient for certain situations.

Only one outlet

Is not a secret that the SPI data signals that drive the LED fixtures compatible with ProtoPixel controllers are sensitive to long distances. They tend to catch electrical noise. So when working in an installation with very sparse fixtures, distributing the outlets of a single ProtoPixel Controller to them was troublesome.

Instead of using a single controller with multiple outlets, it may be easier to use multiple single-channel controllers. By using ProtoPixel 1 Channel Ethernet Controllers, all the data wiring is substituted by standard ethernet wiring that can resist very long runs.

SD card record playing

ProtoPixel 1 Channel Ethernet Controllers have an SD card slot that can be used to add recorded content that the controller will play autonomously. This means that for simple installations, one can replace ProtoPixel Create, ProtoPixel Node or ProtoPixel Player with the embedded playing capability of the ProtoPixel 1 Channel Ethernet Controller.