Using it as a networked controller

You can use the ProtoPixel 1 Channel Ethernet Controller just as a replacement of ProtoPixel LED Controller. In this case, ProtoPixel Create, ProtoPixel Node or ProtoPixel Player would send information over the network to the controller all the time.

To do that just connect the Ethernet port to the network switch or other standard networking device, as you would do it with a ProtoPixel LED Controller. See Connect to the network for more details. Please be aware that all the related network configurations also apply here.

ProtoPixel Create should be able to automatically detect and use the controller once it is connected to the same network.

Network configuration

You can change the network configuration of the controller by editing the file CONFIG.TXT in the SD Card. If there is no such file in the SD card, it will be created with the default values. If the SD card is not present it will just use the default values.

The default networking parameters are the ones listed in the following table. You can find their meaning in Configuring the controller.

Parameter Default value
static_ip An Ip address in the range 192.168.133.X
dhcp Enabled
test_leds Enabled