Using it as a recording player

To use the controller as an autonomous player you must first generate the recording in ProtoPixel create. Refer to Recording Output for a single SD controller to learn about the recording process.

After placing the recording on the SD card, it is just a matter of editing the file CONFIG.TXT. When configured, the controller will start playing the recording immediately after receiving power.

Playback Configuration

The following options are available in the configuration file:

Option Description
PlayFile Enabling player functionality (default: disabled)
PlaySDSequence Enabling looping over the list of recordings (default: disabled)

Then a list of the recording files with their configurations follows. The configuration is a number, the first digit representing if ths recording should loop or not: 0 for not looping, 1 for looping. In this controller all other digits are ignored.

See this example:

# We enable playback
:PlayFile 1
# We disable looping the list
:PlaySDSequence 0
# Following, the list of recording files
# This is file "recording1". As we deactivate looping,
# after playing it, it will play the next one
recording1 0
# This is file "recording2". As we activate looping,
# after playing it, it will play again and again
recording2 1
# This recording is never reached,
# because recording2 is looping
recording3 0