Getting Started

What is ProtoPixel and why would you want to use it

The ProtoPixel framework, composed of hardware and software modules, has been designed for coping with concrete practice-based design problems, like calibration of lighting surfaces (i.e. media facades), creation of custom lighting structures, mapping of linear and real time generated visual content, and dynamic control of media content through different inputs (i.e. sensors, mobile devices, wearables, cloud data, etc.). It also reduces production costs given its modular design, reusability and compatibility with interaction design standards (i.e. Syphon or OSC protocol). Moreover, it allows to prototype fast and often, improving significantly the quality of Interactive Lighting Design services.

ProtoPixel stands out from current lighting control products as it has been conceived as an interaction and design-driven tool for media practitioners, rather than a technical solution for traditional lighting. ProtoPixel allows thinking about lighting possibilities beyond the traditional use of light, opening the door not only to the creation of new media content, but also new types of flexible, scalable and affordable displays.