What is ProtoPixel 1 Channel WiFi Controller

ProtoPixel 1 Channel WiFi Controller is the first wireless LED controller developed at ProtoPixel. ProtoPixel 1 Channel WiFi Controller is very similar to the ProtoPixel 1 Channel Ethernet Controller, with a simple difference: It doesn’t have an Ethernet connector, instead it has a WiFi antenna hidden inside.

This makes it convenient for many applications, where having wires is just not possible. And if powered with a portable battery, you can have a fully-portable setup, ideal for wearable light, for instance.

A WiFi Controller

Everyone hates cables. We get it. Many lighting applications conflict with cables: light-enabled running shoes, light sabers, shiny pet collars, niche hanging lamps. And cables are ugly: Nice light fixtures don’t like cables.

This controller is designed to address these cases. Sometimes you need to control LED fixtures embedded in a costume for a play. Sometimes you just want a simple solution for a lamp with several embedded ambients that can be changed with a mobile device.

You can use this controller in two ways: as a streaming device and as a SD record player. Just as the ProtoPixel 1 Channel Ethernet Controller.

A fair warning

Everyone hates WiFi. When it fails nobody knows why. Suddenly I can watch my Netflix shows on my bedroom, and the next moment google won’t even load.

WiFi is complicated. And it depends on many factors, such as the amount of neighbors with WiFi routers, microwaves, and drills. This means that whenever possible, you should be using cabled controllers, such as the fantastic ProtoPixel 1 Channel Ethernet Controller.

Obviously we are producing this, so we know it will be useful in many situations. So know its limitations and have fun!