Using it as a networked controller

You can use the ProtoPixel 1 Channel WiFI Controller just as you would use ProtoPixel LED Controller. In this case, ProtoPixel Create or ProtoPixel Node would send information over the network to the controller all the time.

Being a WiFi device, you can connect to it in two ways:

  • The controller can create its own WiFi network and you connect to it.
  • The controller can connect to an existing WiFi network

Either way, you should detect the controller in ProtoPixel Create automatically.

ProtoPixel Create should be able to automatically detect and use the controller once it is connected to the same network.

Notes on the WiFi Access Point

ProtoPixel 1 channel WiFi controllers are very sensitive to the Access Point used. Some WiFi Hardware will buffer messages to the devices and this will add delays. Sometimes they will group the messages adding jitter.

We only recommend WiFi hardware that has been tested and approved by us, to get the optimum experience.


We tested and we recommend ASUS RT-AC53 Wireless router to connect the ProtoPixel 1 Channel WiFi Controller devices. To get it working with optimal performance you will need to adjust these settings:

  • Professional Settings - Select 2,4GHz Band
    • Enable TX Bursting: Disable
    • Enable Packet Aggregation: Disable
  • Professional Settings - Select 5GHz Band
    • Enable Radio: No

Network configuration

You can change the network configuration of the controller through the application. See Application