Art-Net Integration


Make sure that your controller has a firmware newer than 0.5.4.
You can check this within the app at the bottom of the Settings view.

The ProtoPixel’s WiFi Controller brings a seamless integration with the Art-Net Protocol allowing its use for streaming not only from ProtoPixel Create but from any other software or hardware capable of sending Art-Net.

Under the Settings view of the app you will find ways to customize the options that this protocol has. Here you will find a detailed explanation of those settings.

If you are familiar with Art-Net and how this works then they will be very obvious to you and probably make you see things.

For those of you who have not heard about it here you have a brief explanation:

Art-Net is an Ethernet protocol based on the TCP/IP protocol suite. Its purpose is to allow transfer of large amounts of DMX512 data over a wide area using standard networking technology.

First Universe

Is the universe in which the controller will begin listening to the data stream.

The range goes from 0 to 255 depending on the option: Universes per Outlet that you choose. For example:

  • sending 1 universe: 0 - 255
  • sending 2 universes: 0 - 255 - 1
  • and so on.


You can select from 3 options:


The data will be transferred to the LED Bars as they are without modifying the structure.


The data will be transferred in groups of three channels per pixel.


The data will be transferred in groups of four channels per pixel.

Universes Per Outlet

Within this option you can decide the number of universes that the controller will process. The WiFi Controller can handle up to 4 universes, so you can choose any number from 1 to 4.

With one universe you can control 170 RGB pixels or 128 RGBW