ProtoPixel Labs

This section has documentation on optional features that are in protoPixel Create, but not yet stable to be a in a regular part of the documentation. You can use them, if something breaks please report it to us!


The functionality documented in this section is still experimental.

OSC Interface

ProtoPixel has a native Open Sound Control interface exposed in the port 2345.

You can affect contents in your project by sending OSC messages to this port. The OSC address schema is like follows:

/<type>/<name>/<param> <value>

With those parameters:

  • <type> is the entity type, and at the moment it can only be Content.
  • <name> is the name of the entity.
  • <param> is the parameter of the entity to be modified. You can see those parameters names by accessing to the Content section in the WebApp. If the parameter is inside a parameter group, you can use / to separate group from parameter name. See the examples.
  • <value> is the new value of the parameter. It can be omitted if the parameter is a button.

OSC Messages Examples

# enable content
/Content/mycontent/enabled 1

# disable content
/Content/mycontent/enabled 0

# play video content

# stop video content

# change color for a color content (R, G, B, A)
/Content/color/params/color 255 100 100 255

Custom OSC bindings

Custom OSC bindings are also available in scripts. See example in the examples/scripting folder for more details.

UDP Interface

There is also a UDP interface in the port 2344. The mechanics are the same as the OSC Interface. The messages are composed like the following:

/<type>/<name>/<param> <JSON-encoded value>

For instance:

# enable content
/Content/mycontent/enabled 1

# change color for a color content (R, G, B, A)
/Content/color/params/color [255 100 100 255]