Using the Webapp interface

Some contents expose additional interfaces through the ProtoPixel Create web app, designed to be used in mobile devices.

To access the ProtoPixel web app just point your browser to ppx.local:8181, or https://ppx.local:8080. If you are using an Android device you will have to point your browser directly to your local IP address and port instead (for example:

Visiting the web app address will show a list of the contents exposing web interfaces. When selecting a content name the user is redirected to the exposed interface.


While accessing the webapp content dispatcher when using https there will be a security problem with your local certificate and you will see a warning like this (example in Chrome):


We will work around this problem in a later release of the software. For now you will have to just proceed and ignore the warning (Advanced options / Proceed anyway) and the usual content dispatcher will be revealed.

The certificate problem comes from serving the contents in https instead of just http. We are using https because it is required in order to use the camera on your device, but we still don’t have a valid certificate. So, a warning appears.

Web app content navigation examples:

_images/webapp.png _images/webapp_apps.png _images/webapp_paint.png _images/webapp_paint_use.png _images/webapp_paint_settings.png

When a Content is selected it will show that Content custom interface, if it has any, or a menu screen where you can change the settings of that Content.

You can switch between the custom interface and the settings using the gear/arrow button on the top right of the screen.