Using ProtoPixel Create with DMX

To use DMX, you have to edit the properties of the fixture (imagine that you created a fixture type line, which are several light points in a row). In the inspector you will see the DMX Layout property:


You have enter the DMX channel distribution. For instance, if your fixture accepts 10 channels, the first one being luminosity, next 3 being RGB color, and the rest being various effects that you want to leave to 0, the layout would result in:


Possible values are:

Letter Meaning
R Red
G Green
B Blue
C Cyan
M Magenta
Y Yellow
W White

The fixture DMX addresses will start with 1 and accumulate the number of channels in the layout: 1,11,21,31 …

Then you have to connect with the Art-Net device (with DMX output); first make sure it is connected to the network or directly wired to the computer.

Add a Controller, and assign the fixture to outlet 1 (= universe 0). In the Controller, you should be able to select the Art-Net device from the menu.