ProtoPixel Create is free to use when creating lighting scenarios. You don’t need to pay anything to work on your project, add contents, develop interactive experiences… However, to send information to real world fixtures, you need a subscription.

How to get a subscription

Visit the subscriptions section of our shop and purchase a subscription extension. These come with various time periods for convenience (30, 90, 180 and 360 days), just choose the one you like.

After purchasing it you will receive an email with a token:


You have to insert this token to the subscription dialog of ProtoPixel Create. To go there open ProtoPixel Create, go to Help ‣ Subscription….


You will need a working internet connection to perform this step. In case you don’t have one, check Offline activation of extension token.


Insert the email you used to purchase the extension and the token; and click on Activate.

You should see a change in the number of days left in the subscription. You cannot use the same token twice.


A subscription is tied to a single computer. Make sure you do those steps on the same computer you will be using to deploy your project.

How to know when a subscription is due

Open the subscription dialog with Help ‣ Subscription…. You can see your subscription status there.

How to extend a subscription

Just follow the steps in How to get a subscription. The amount of time that you purchase is added at the end of the current subscription.

Offline activation of extension token

In case that the computer running ProtoPixel Create did not have access to the Internet, a number of steps have to be performed manually:

  1. Access to the subscription dialog with Help ‣ Subscription… and click on Offline Activation.

  2. Copy the text in the field Extension Request.

  3. Go to in a computer with internet.

  4. Insert the email you used to purchase the extension, the text you copied in Extension request, and the extension token you purchased and click on Get Certificate.

  1. Copy the resulting text.
  2. Paste it in ProtoPixel Create, in Extension certificate, and click Apply.