Quick Start

Welcome to ProtoPixel Framework quick start guide. This guide will present a simple setup to first try your ProtoPixel Controller, and ProtoPixel Create. It won’t enter into more detailed stuff, as the rest of the documentation does. Refer to the rest of the documentation for more details.

What do we need

Open your ProtoPixel Controller box! From the package we will need:

  • The ProtoPixel Controller
  • One ProtoPixel Controller Satellite
  • One shielded (grey) ethernet cable
  • One unshielded (yellow) ethernet cable
  • One microUSB cable

Aside from this you will need some more stuff

  • A 5v addressable WS28XX LED strip (aka neopixel strip)
  • A cable connector, compatible with your strip (it usually comes with the strip)
  • A 5v power supply, -you guessed it- compatible with your led strip
  • A suitable computer (and network adapter)
  • Your preferred network router
  • A tiny, flat, screwdriver

Connecting everything together

It should be easy enough.

  1. Connect the Controller to the Satellite using the shielded (grey) ethernet cable. Connect it to the ethernet 1.
  2. Connect the Controller to the network router, using the unshielded (yellow) ethernet cable.
  3. Power up your Controller using the microUSB cable. You can connect it to the provided power supply or directly to your computer.
  4. Connect your cable connector to the Satellite connector. The cable should be like in the image.
  5. Connect the Satellite to the LED strip, using the cable you just built.
  6. Connect the led strip to the 5v power supply
  7. You should now be able to cycle through light testing patterns using the button on the Controller.
  8. Connect your computer to the network

Connect ProtoPixel Create to your setup

  1. Install ProtoPixel Create
  2. Open ProtoPixel Create
  3. Create a Line Fixture
  4. Create A Test Content
  5. Assign the Line Fixture To the Controller
  6. Assign your Device to the Controller

Voilà! Your strip is doing stuff!